About Us

Who We Are

RS Electronics Inc. is a limited liability company formed and managed by telecommunication industry expertise which has in excess of seventy-two (72) years of operations, technical, customer service, sales and business development experience with proven track records. Given our management professional credentials, we all have in a common the advance telecommunication certification/qualifications and hands-on technical experience that makes us the ‘Customers’ first choice in both of the residential and commercial markets.

Service. Solutions. Satisfaction!

At RS Electronics Inc. the customer is always first and emphasis is placed on “right the first time”. With professionalism as one of our core values, we are advocates of exceptional service as demanded in today’s challenging and ever-changing telecommunications industry enabling profitable commercial development and activities within budgets. In addition to the “right the first time” approach, we treat every request with urgency, and strive to provide a minimal response time when we are engaged to perform a service.


To date our client base has and continue to achieve their highest levels of profitability and operational efficiency as a direct result of our services which encompasses:

1) Guaranteed excellent service in a timely manner

2) Unmatched after service care

3) Assigned skilled and experienced technicians and consultants, and

4) Fair pricing

72 years

collective experience

Certified & Qualified


Customer Service



At RS Electronics Inc. our core team is fully trained and knowledgeable in the areas of :

  • Procurement for ICT/Telecommunication/CCTV materials
  • Installation of ICT/telephony/CCTV equipment and peripherals
  • Removal or full withdrawal of systems, ICT/telephony/CCTV equipment and structural cables
  • Relocation or repositioning of ICT/telephony/CCTV systems and equipment and structural cables
  • Replacement of ICT/Telecommunication/CCTV systems and peripherals
  • Software and ICT/telephony/CCTV equipment Upgrades.